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AH Ex BOne of them is desperately trying to remember their past while the other is forever trying to escape theirs. The wake of a tragedy—a school shooting—has far reaching consequences.

It's seven years after the war and Draco has managed to avoid almost everyone from Hogwarts, living a lonely life on a small island, far away from the wizarding community. Edward was living his life as though he had to make up for the four people who died in front of his eyes.

A story of loss, pain, hope, and recognizing the beauty of the scars we bear.

The first day I saw her on the bus, was the day I lost my heart.

With the help of his feisty PA, Bella, maybe they can find something to bond over? When a mysterious stranger moves in next door to Bella in the middle of the night, he awakens something inside her that she didn't even realize she yearned for. How will his ego survive spending ‘eternity’ with Bella Swan! Bella spends her days catching the sweet, ugly and unique moments with her sketches and her camera. She doesn't expect to see her ex-boyfriend, former British exchange student Edward Masen. One bored night, Bella goes online and stumbles across an American's soldier's profile.Statistics say arranged marriages have a better chance at lasting.Is that still true if the couple is chosen by a group of experts and married on TV with at least one partner in it for the wrong reasons?Separated by an entire country, Edward and Bella must fight to stay alive in a world determined to destroy them, a world Edward must cross to get to his family, and a world where the dead don't always stay dead. But Bella might soon find that revenge isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that Edward may harbor his own dark secrets.Bella's life philosophies mirror her bakery-business philosophies: 1) you can't save a burned batch, and 2) there's no turning back once a batch is finished.

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There's something about her, something otherworldly. A storm is coming and I feel like i'm about to be caught in it." EPOV AUSixth sense: a special ability to know something that cannot be learned by using the five senses.

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